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John Fairburn has been providing detailed family law advice and representation in British Columbia for more than 30 years. When you retain his office for help with your divorce, John will use his experience and knowledge to help you reach a final agreement on spousal support that meets your needs and is appropriate for your situation.

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Informative Advice On Spousal Support Guidelines And Calculations

While the payment of financial support by one former spouse or partner to the other, known as spousal support or spousal maintenance, has been a legal obligation known for many decades, there have been profound changes in the practical application of this concept in recent years. Most significant was the introduction in 2005 (and revised in 2008) in British Columbia of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. By virtue of various court decisions, these Guidelines have, in practice, become mandatory in the majority of family law cases.

In virtually every case, a family law lawyer will have to consider whether the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines apply to a client, whether as the payor or recipient. The amounts determined to be paid on a monthly basis are frequently very significant in dollar amounts, even where child support is payable, and the entitlement to receive such payments is dependant upon various factors, including the age of the recipient, the length of the marriage or relationship, and the income disparity between the payor and the recipient. In some cases, the value of spousal support rights can exceed the value of the assets being divided.

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