An Experienced Lawyer Helping With The Calculation Of Spousal Support

Spousal maintenance can be highly contested in a divorce or separation. Among the controversial issues is the entitlement to spousal support — and the amount that should be paid. Legal negotiations often involve a thorough analysis of the couple's relationship and their respective financial situations.

Lawyer John Fairburn's experience with family law and in-depth legal analysis of financial issues make him a strong choice for separating spouses particularly concerned with support. John Fairburn & Associates is located in Richmond, and serves clients in Delta, South Surrey/White Rock and across the region. To learn more, please contact the firm today and schedule a consultation.

How Much Spousal Support Can I Get?

The process of calculating spousal support has become highly sophisticated in recent years, and requires a rigorous analysis of the sources and potential sources of income of both the payor and the recipient, combined with an extensive knowledge of potentially applicable court decisions.

While the determination of the annual income of a spouse or partner can be straightforward, all too often cases arise where a spouse or partner is wholly or partially self-employed. Another problematic situation is where one of the spouses or partners fails to obtain employment at all, or only on a part-time basis, or fails to fully or properly utilize his or her current employment or vocational skills.

Arriving At The Correct Calculation Requires Sophistication And Skill

As highly specialized software known as DivorceMate is now used to calculate spousal support obligations in terms of monthly amounts and duration, another key skill required by a family law lawyer is the proper inclusion of income and expense amounts and types (employment income, dividends or disability income, or deductible expenses, etc.) into the software for each client (and similarly for special or extraordinary expenses for children). Failure to do this will likely result in an erroneous calculation of support and potentially dire financial consequences.

John Fairburn is highly experienced in the area of spousal support, and has acted for many clients in the resolution of their obligations or rights in this regard.

Accurate Spousal Support Calculation Lawyer Serving Delta

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