Buyout Of Spousal Support Rights

The buyout of spousal support rights, or the payment of lump-sum spousal support, in full and settlement of these rights are becoming increasingly common with the availability of specialized software such as DivorceMate, and the willingness of family law lawyers, mediators and courts to negotiate such arrangements.

Lawyer John Fairburn can help you to establish whether a restructuring of spousal support payment is appropriate in your situation — whether you are the recipient or the payor of support. The law firm serves clients throughout the region, including Delta and South Surrey/White Rock. To learn more about this option, contact the firm today and schedule an informative consultation.

Options For Restructuring

The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines provides a basis to calculate an amount of spousal support and how long that support should last. After the guidelines have been utilized to come up with an acceptable range, the amounts can be restructured upon negotiation between the spouses.

Many spouses or partners prefer to terminate all financial ties with their former partners on arriving at a final settlement whether by way of a separation agreement or a court order. Where in the past these calculations often had an ad hoc approach, experienced family law lawyers can customize the DivorceMate software to the specific circumstances of a client, such that a more precise calculation is now possible.

Factors That May Affect A One-Time Payout Final Amount

These buy-out amounts can vary from the modest to the very substantial depending on age, years left to likely retirement, the magnitude of the difference between incomes between the two spouses or partners, and other factors. In some cases, this calculation can lead to a substantial capital sum being available to the recipient spouse for whatever financial need he or she may have at the time.

John Fairburn has represented both payors and recipients in these circumstances, and successfully negotiated the buyout of spousal support rights, and the payment of final lump-sum spousal support payments. In all divorce cases, John establishes a plan of action that includes an approach to spousal support that is right for you in your circumstances.

Spousal Support (Alimony) Lawyer In Richmond

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