Settlement Process

Over many years of advising clients, British Columbia lawyer John Fairburn has developed his own proactive and client-centred approach to the prompt settlement of family law cases, whether by mediation or through the litigation process.

To learn more about this approach, please read below or contact the firm to schedule an in-depth consultation. The firm routinely helps people in Richmond, Delta, Surrey and other Metro Vancouver communities throughout the region.

Meticulous Settlement Negotiation Counsel And Assistance

John stresses with his clients:

  • Detailed and organized exchange of financial information in an organized manner at an early stage by each side, usually by way of detailed and accurate financial statements (which set out income, expenses, assets and debts) and full financial disclosure of all relevant financial documentation.
  • The need to identify quickly the issues of specific concern to each client, the strategy to resolve these issues, and, after the completion of financial disclosure, the early preparation of comprehensive settlement proposals, typically in the form of a proposed separation agreement, or draft court order (usually incorporating a divorce order).
  • How to negotiate an overall settlement in a cost-effective manner by the early development of a strategy focused on the specific needs or difficulties of each client, and, once settlement has been achieved, to immediately document and complete the agreement so as to avoid delays that may lead to settlement collapse.
  • To promptly implement the terms of settlement, and to advise clients on the completion of their file or any other steps they should take to ensure future settlement compliance by the other party and to update his or her financial position.

To achieve a client's desired objectives, John Fairburn will frequently recommend to clients the commencement of divorce and family law proceedings. This ensures there is compliance by the other side with specific deadlines as to disclosure and mediation dates, and the timely completion of valuations and appraisals, and avoids unnecessary delays caused by a lack of commitment by the other side to the settlement process.

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