Divorce Mediation Lawyer In Delta

Mediation is one option for individuals planning to divorce. Unlike an adversarial court process, mediation gives participants the opportunity to reach a settlement that works for them. With the assistance of counsel, spouses engage fully in discussions about their issues and are guided toward a final agreement.

John Fairburn has long included mediation work in his family law practice. He offers spouses the opportunity to engage in mediation with the assistance of an informed and strategic legal advisor — with the ultimate aim to help you achieve the result that is best for you and your family. John Fairburn & Associates serves clients in Delta, Richmond, Surrey/White Rock and throughout British Columbia's Lower Mainland. To learn more about this option and other services provided by the firm, schedule a consultation or make inquiries today.

Tailoring The Right Approach For You

Mediation takes many forms in family law matters, and which is the appropriate choice requires advice from a family law lawyer who has extensive experience in a great variety of fact patterns, and understands the factual dynamic specific to each client. What choice of mediation is made, whether private or collaborative divorce mediation, or mediation through a judge in the court system, can be crucial to achieving a successful outcome at a reasonable expense.

Mediation should be contemplated at the outset. If chosen by the client, it should be proceeded in a proactive manner, with the family law lawyer promptly taking the steps necessary to obtain the agreement of the other side to proceed with mediation at an early stage.

Comprehensive Counsel With An Eye Toward Fair Resolutions

As soon as financial disclosure is complete, the family law lawyer should be discussing with the client the possible range of settlement outcomes, and preparing an early draft of the separation agreement or judicial settlement documentation. This allows for the drafting and incorporation of all settlement terms important to the client prior to the beginning of the mediation, and provides a comprehensive template for settlement negotiations.

John Fairburn has successfully represented clients in a large number of mediations over his decades of practice, and as a result has assisted them in resolving their family law disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Tsawwassen Lawyer For Collaborative Divorce Settlements

To learn more about mediation and divorce from Delta area lawyer John Fairburn, contact the firm to arrange a consultation. Call the office toll free at 604-279-8283 or at 604-279-8283 in the Lower Mainland or contact the firm online to make inquiries. In addition to mediation, John Fairburn can assist with a range of divorce-related issues, including uncontested divorce and separation agreements.