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The fair and timely division of property is vital to clients being able to re-establish themselves financially in the aftermath of relationship breakdown. Each client needs comprehensive and detailed advice from an experienced family law lawyer as to what he or she is entitled to, how to negotiate and achieve this, and how to ensure a division of property and allocation of debts, which is binding and enforceable.

John Fairburn has been a B.C. lawyer for more than 30 years. Working out of Richmond, the law office serves clients throughout the Fraser Valley, including Delta and South Surrey/White Rock. When you need a clear understanding of property division in B.C., John can help you. Contact John Fairburn & Associates today to schedule a consultation for insightful and experienced counsel.

Reliable Legal Advice For A Range Of Complex Property Issues

Property division is a key part of John Fairburn's divorce law practice. A known practitioner who handles divorce cases with complex financial issues, John provides services on issues that include:

Many of these issues will overlap as John assesses your circumstances pending divorce, and what your objectives are for a final settlement. Often, whether the final decision is negotiated between spouses or imposed by a judge, financial issues will be closely connected to final agreements on spousal support and child support — which must be resolved and normally is part of the final terms of divorce or separation.

Careful Attention Paid To Changes In The Law

Of special importance is the application of the new principles and rules for division of assets and debts provided for in the new Family Law Act of British Columbia, along with recent changes to the Supreme Court Family Rules. These have created substantial and significant changes as to how property is divided between former spouses or partners, and how and when property is valued for division purposes.

Additionally, the Family Law Act reformed the law by requiring for the first time that married and unmarried couples be subject to the same principles in dividing their property and debts.

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