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Many of the important issues in divorce are settled with respect to a proper valuation of assets and income. Child support, spousal support and property division are all connected to the income of each spouse — which may not be clear if a spouse is a sole proprietor, independent professional or business owner. In addition, assets such as real property cannot be divided until their worth is agreed upon.

John Fairburn is a Delta area family lawyer experienced with the valuation of assets for divorcing British Columbia couples. When you retain his law firm, you will benefit from the services of a family lawyer whose reputation in the legal industry has been built on his ability to handle complex cases — including where assets valuation plays a central role. Contact the Richmond-based firm today to discuss your needs and concerns with him during a consultation.

Importance Of Valuation In Assessing Financial Worth

Many major assets will fluctuate in value, and quickly — making their worth difficult to determine. This can be problematic in a scheme of equalization where each spouse is entitled to an equal share in assets accrued during the course of a relationship. Stocks, businesses, homes and retirement properties may be problematic when it comes to valuation.

Professional valuators — who provide expert opinions on the value of business interests or pieces of real estate in legal proceedings — are an important part of any legal case that rests on asset value. John Fairburn is a veteran lawyer who has dealt extensively and effectively in the past with valuators. John is sensitive to the nature of valuation and how it may change even during the course of a mediation or trial; for that reason, he chooses the timing of valuation carefully and with regard to the full scope of his clients' objectives.

Legal Advice · Asset Valuation During A Separation In South Surrey/White Rock

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