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Many people have significant assets in company and private pension plans and RRSPs. When a couple separates, this aspect of their financial portfolio is an important issue to be discussed. With recent changes to family law legislation in British Columbia, details of retirement asset division have become quite complex.

John Fairburn is a Richmond pension division lawyer who has been practicing law in B.C. for more than 30 years and for several decades has focused on family law. He can help you to understand the law as it applies to you, and be your advocate in divorce negotiations. To speak with him about your questions and concerns, contact the firm today and schedule an in-depth consultation. The firm serves Richmond, Delta, Surrey and other Metro Vancouver communities throughout the region.

Legal Advice For Division Of Retirement Assets In B.C.

Both pensions and registered retirement savings plans (or RRSPs) are assets acquired specifically for retirement and have unique rules applicable to their division under the Family Law Act. Both assets have underlying tax liabilities that clients often fail to appreciate, and consequently there is the requirement in separation agreements or court orders to include terms extremely specific to their division.

In the case of pensions, there is a crucial need to use division terms unique to each type of pension, so as to ensure the client actually receives what he or she is entitled to on his or her retirement. As for RRSPs, there is the need to ensure precise disclosure from the other side of account numbers and other details, and to recognize the fluctuation of values of each asset from separation to date of division so as to ensure a fair and accurate division.

John Fairburn is highly experienced in the division of these assets, and ensures the documentation to achieve division is signed by his clients, and forwarded to the pension authority or investment firm for processing, prior to the conclusion of his representation of each client.

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