Divorce Lawyer In Richmond Navigating Equal Or Unequal Property Division Issues

John Fairburn has been a family lawyer and respected litigator for more than 30 years in B.C. The law office of John Fairburn & Associates can help you to advance your case in out-of-court or trial divorce processes.

Located in Richmond, John Fairburn advises clients on property division following breakdown of marriages and marriage-like relationships. Recent changes to the law make it vital that counsel is sought from an experienced and financially savvy lawyer. To speak with John about your needs and concerns, contact the firm today and arrange a consultation.

Staying Current And Adapting To Recent Legal Changes

The Family Law Act still provides for the unequal division of property or debt if the circumstances warrant, such that equal division would be significantly unfair. The factors that allow the Supreme Court to do so are several in the legislation, and include:

  • The duration of the marriage or relationship
  • A spouse's or partner's contribution to the career or career potential of the other
  • Family debt incurred during the marriage or relationship and ability to pay a share of this debt
  • Whether or not a spouse or partner caused a decrease or increase in the value of property beyond market trends
  • Improper behaviour on the part of a spouse or partner, which detrimentally affected the value of property, and tax liabilities that may be incurred

Legal Strategy To Protect Your Financial Interests

As evident, the ability of the family law lawyer, based on past experience and a well-founded knowledge of relevant court decisions, to recognize specific fact patterns in a case, which lead to a claim to unequal division being appropriate to a client, is vital. John Fairburn has handled many cases over 30 years under the equivalent provisions of the old Family Relations Act, in both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, and has the expertise to assist clients under the new Family Law Act.

Lawyer Serving Tsawwassen · Equalization In Property Division

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