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John Fairburn is particularly adept at handling complex property division issues in divorce. For more than 30 years, John has given relevant advice and effective representation to spouses. Located in Richmond, the firm serves clients in Delta and throughout the Fraser Valley. To speak with divorce lawyer John Fairburn, contact the office today and schedule a consultation.

Detailed Legal Representation For Business And Property Division

Businesses often reflect the efforts of spouses or partners to develop a valuable asset to provide financial security for their family then and into the future. Often this value is represented by underlying assets such as real estate or investment assets owned by the business, and/or by the capitalized value of ongoing cash flow generated by the business as a result of commercial goodwill earned over many years. When it comes to dividing these assets or a business interest in a divorce action, the complexities involved cannot be understated or overlooked.

It is also of crucial importance in advising clients about the division of a business to have up-to-date understanding of various relevant decisions in recent years by the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in British Columbia when it comes to dealing with business assets, their division, and how to recognize any underlying capital gains or other tax liabilities.

Analyzing Every Solution And Option For Dividing, Distributing Business Interests

Another reality is to ensure the division of a business, or the buyout of an interest therein, is done in a manner that reflects a pragmatic understanding of the need to preserve the business, and the ability to pay on the part of the spouse or partner retaining the business, and frequently the need for time to pay. This often requires a compromise agreement between the spouses or partners, which also appreciates the financial needs of the recipient spouse or partner.

John Fairburn had dealt with these matters in cases over the years in mediations, and in litigation before both the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in British Columbia. He also regularly utilizes the services of various professionals as needed in cases concerning business and real estate assets, including business valuators, property appraisers and tax accountants. He knows how to arrive at an accurate business valuation using these experts and that takes into account all of these important concerns outlined above.

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