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Child support is a right of all minor children and of children attending a reasonable course of study in a recognized post-secondary institution in British Columbia, whether a university, college or vocational institution.

The determination of the appropriate amount in almost all cases is done by utilizing the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The Guidelines themselves can be highly complex in ongoing application, especially in future years.

Experienced family law lawyer John Fairburn can represent your interests in the negotiation of child support, particularly when the issue is complex because of disputes surrounding income and special and extraordinary expenses incurred on behalf of the child. The law firm has offices in Richmond and serves clients in Delta and South Surrey/White Rock. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options and how to ensure payments are calculated properly.

Calculating Child Support

In general, the parent who is able to devote the most amount of time to the child — generally the parent with whom the child lives most of the time — is the recipient of child support. Calculating the amount of support may be complex if the paying parent has an unconventional occupation or is a business owner.

In many cases, there is a concern as to whether the payor spouse or partner will reliably pay the child support, and contribute to special or extraordinary expenses for the children, when due and in the full amount. For the payor spouse, there can be difficulty in updating child support when either employment is reduced or lost, or income changes for any one of a number of reasons, or more importantly when children choose to change residence.

Factoring In Extraordinary Expense Needs Of Children

Over and above child support, clients usually want to formalize the obligation of the payor to contribute their share to the special or extraordinary expenses of the children on a monthly or ongoing basis. In most cases, depending on the age of the children, these expenses include day care, medical, dental and orthodontic expenses, which exceed benefit coverage, organized recreational and sporting activities, and postsecondary educational expenses.

John Fairburn has represented many clients in all of these circumstances, and done so when former spouses or partners have been extremely unwilling to agree to any changes, however appropriate to the changed situation. He is intimately familiar with all of the Canadian Child Support Guidelines, including the section 7 provisions concerning extraordinary expenses.

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